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    Chapter 1

    John Barlow woke to the intermitten buzz of his alarm clock. He pressed the well worn snooze button by habit. He got out of bed. Feet on the carpeted floor, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. The alarm clock read 8:00:14 AM. Up within 20 seconds of the first alarm, not bad he thought himself. 

    He got dressed as his Auto-Serv bot brought him his morning coffee. Black, just how he liked it. He levitated to his desk and sent a mental ping to his computer to wake. He would have set it to auto wake, but he didn’t log the same time every morning, and he just plain liked mental command.

    The morning news flashed to life on the hollow-screen, and he began to read the news, while sipping his exact 60 degree Celsius coffee. 

    Looked like the UNS (United Nation of States) was still trying to negotiate peace with China. There was another story of a 3rd world country being absorbed by the UN. Basically, what it all boiled down to was the UN gathering most of the world into one government, and China, the rest. Another article mentioned the colony on Mars stating, “Communications Delayed Again”. No big deal. Average news for a United States/United Nation of States citizen.

    The UNS was basically the what the US decided to call itself after giving more governmental control to the UN, back in the 60’s. That was before Johns time though, being born in 2092. The year was 2116 now, and John was 24. 

    —-unfinished —-

    Andrew Callaway

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    When you say sweet stuff on Facebook

    I wonder if it’s about me.

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    I don’t care how much y’all hate Justin Bieber. He just donated $1,000,000 to Japan.

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there really is no cure. 


    there really is no cure. 

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    Girl of my dreams?

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    me strength. 

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    At the Desk;

    I’m sitting at a cold hard desk in a cubicle. The harsh florescent light, bright and obtrusive, outlines my perfectly organized, symmetrical office space. The stale blue of my soft cubicle’s barriers, the eggshell white of my desktop that matches the desolate walls of the room, and the hard glow of my monitor staring me in the face, fill my senses until they are numb. I can hear the air conditioner droning on endlessly somewhere in the ceiling, as it blows out cold air through the vent stationed above my cubicle. Every now and then, the loud obnoxious sound of a printer running off endless data reports, and spread sheets, will interrupt the monotony of blowing air, and the annoying whine of my desk top computer that constantly fills my ears. The place is boring. It’s cold , hard, and never ending. It’s enough to make someone like me go off the deep end. The never ending sameness; the perfect rows of cubicles; the identical desks, computers, and chairs; the boring reports that are produced here; the tedium of gathering numbers from other reports to make a new one; how it makes time seem as if its going 100 times slower, all make this my least favorite place to be. The office.

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    My Sanctuary

    I love being next to you in your bed. I love feeling your soft breathing on my chest. I love the warmth of your body, and the softness of your comforter. I love how safe I feel, like I’m free from all the constraints in my world. I don’t have to worry about my parents, my friends, or myself. I feel like I have no responsibilities when I’m cuddled up next to you. I feel so safe. I feel so happy. When I’m laying in your bed holding you, I feel like I’m melting. The weight of your body next mine is the most comforting thing in the world. I can look into your eyes, and tell you all my fears. I am complete, no longer looking for the next thing to make me happy, when I’m with you in your bed. I have no dreams or aspirations, only contentedness. You are my sanctuary.

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